by Ljubliana & the Seawolf

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released April 30, 2013

·All songs written by Pol Batlle·
·All songs composed & arrenged by Pol Batlle, Jaume Estalella, Xavi Gamito, Adri Cubells, Joan Vila·
·Recorded & Mixed at " Tana delli Tigri" (La Toscana) by Niccolò Mazzantini, Marco Zaninello & Fabio Fantozzi·
·Mastered by Antonio Castiello·
·Art direction and design by Guim O'Potamus·
·Cover Art by Lales de los Puñales·

Pol Batlle: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Mandoline.
Jaume Estalella: Banjo, Bass, Guitars, Melodica, Backing vocals & voices.
Xavi Gamito: Mandoline, Melodica, Guitar, Bass & Backing vocals.
Joan Vila: Violoncello, Piano, Percussion & Backing vocals.
Adri Cubells: Drums, Percussion & Backing vocals.



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Ljubliana and the Seawolf Barcelona, Spain

“Ljubliana and the Seawolf is a 5 piece band from Barcelona who have carved a name for themselves of the spanish scene. The band has worked on the sounds from different instruments and lyrics. Their debut album Re-Mi which was recorded by the important producer Nicolo Mazzantini (Appaloosa) in September 2012 happened a few months after the band's formation. ... more

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Track Name: Alive
The only way you’ve got is try
I’d never been so alive

The only way I thought to try
Now I heard some alarm

Track Name: Shiver me Timbers
Skeleton came to see us
In our filthy dark cave
Dear boys, I entrusted you
An important mission
He showed his black teeth
As he blowed some putrid air to us

Shiver me timbers now
How can I leave
This Hole

Then the monster came by
Surprised as we were
But me & my fleet is bigger than yers!

And I’ll swear I locked eyes sir
I prayed, cried & tied myself on a chair
Although me & my fleet is bigger than yers!
Track Name: How to Deal
Animal dances
Heart to ashes
A meaning

According to my mind something goes wrong?
According to the line are we finally lost?

Oh the light inside,
How bright it is
Are we suddenly stones?
‘Cause through the window we prefer to see

I know how it works
She knows how to deal
How to deal

Welcome to the natural acid trip
Track Name: Formalion
I could advise you one more time
Although is useless u’ll feel fine
Rather prefer to unknow your past
Rather prefer formalion to burn it out

I just advise you one more time
Althoug is useless you’d feel fine
And once upon a time you’ll know
That you just solve it out.

Now you give all this faith
You give it away
But what are you doing?

God knows that I found
That I am
Her part of deasease

You deserve the things
Good enough to make you stay
As I could deserve a breath
But I came to burn it all, Slow.
Track Name: I'm Boring
I guessed all that morning
They started all that moaning

How can you feel so frustrated
How can you stare seeming such a
Dead soul

Do you think I’m boring?
I can see your bored yawn ill

How can you feel so frustrated
How can you stare watching
An endless train
Step by step
You are such a dead loan

What do you think?, tell me!
Track Name: Silverfish
That night I woke up
And I felt like “go and pee!”
And I found a silver fish
Rarely I’m concious that I’m not the only beast

Dear vermin,
You that have eaten all
I would be pleased
If you get a new home
I’ve talked to the Lord
And he’s just going mad to help you

Inside the watter Fishy Land
Each of the corners Spider’s home
Behind the pillow here’s the Bug,
They’ll come for me

You have find the way to cheat me & my luck
We are finally chained
With no toilette paper again.

And that explained how a man can be close
Being the first fuckin psychotich one
Hundreds of eyes
They are rudely stuck on my back
Track Name: Ljubliana
Sticky eyes, early in the morning
Cold has spoiled me
Getting back to the place where
The fruit is all rotten

Hold on let my mind far this time
Hold on, to believe the world outside
Hold on let my mind at dawn this time
Hold on to believe the world outside

Because I know an ancient place
Up to the mountain from a little Isle
Where the man couldn’t step
On a wise wireless wood
All comanded by a simple wile
Cause i thrown my relief
from outside to my chest
So i’d rather go outside to

Ljubliana, let my mind at dawn this time
Hold on to squeeze a meaning, itself

Because I know, nothing.
Track Name: Sleepy Pills
I’ve just seen some dusty pieces
Keep them wake up and make following
Behind became a shameless Monster Sight

Let the world flow don't disturb
Don't you see I'm walking for a while?
Are u the one on blaming us?

Block your doors &
Lock your thoughts
The seawolf is here,
To make u see
The sleepy pills are crafted of lack
Of calm again.

Dystopian Dreams make me proud
Dystopian Dreams give our sense to this.
Track Name: She is a Man
Will land on the earth
Such a tough guy
But had some troubles with luck
He’d like to be quite
But red lights got him tight
Discovering new worlds

I’m falling sleep
As the words that he wived
Took now different forms
There’s no actually fear in the eyes of a sir
That’s why he picked a good one.

What mama will say?
What papa will do with your body?
Roared, Rubbed like a stone
You’ve got some gross.. what the girl did to you?

SHE IS A MAN, he got his pride.
Track Name: Parkin' Lot
I want to chase that cozy charm
That we already seen
Nothing about takin’ straight

I can see much cleaner
When the fever is just gone
Some little disorder

What people want from me Accidentally
A lung for them breath?
Maybe a little shagging on the parkin’ lot

Drawing some flakes on me
But i don’t
Know how to swim when the tide
Is that angry and cold
I’ve got so many bullshit in my ear
I’m already deaf
I thought I could barely please you
So I rather ruin your life

A little pretend act to you, left for...
Track Name: Licor de Cafè
Go into the narrow front door
The only one with black spots
So vicious, so whore
But I know something will be done

Then we swallowed the time
As they swallowed tips & tiny lines
No one realized
Have you thought something like this could work?
Have you dropped all your stunning storms yet?

You all worried for a sign
Staring at the line
Trying to put a price
Over poor heads alive
No worries, I’m saved here
No worries, I’m headless
No worries, I know you are

On business

Don’t drink from the beers
Don’t drink all my beers
Your little worm infect my little brain